The amount of followers a brand or person has may be considered a vanity metric that does not tell the whole story of an account. While many people and brands strive to attract a large following on their social media accounts, a large following does not always translate into increased business.

Take a minute to consider your business goals before moving forward on your social media goals, as they should align with one another. For instance, if your goal is to attain more of your ideal clients, aim to attract your target audience through relatable messaging, on-brand content, and precise targeting.

Do not allow the vanity metrics to distract you from supporting your business on social media. Gaining 10,000 followers on Instagram every month may make you feel insta-famous, but it may not impact your ROI.

Remember: There is no harm in aiming to increase your following. We only advise you to focus on the genuineness of the followers you’re gaining. 

If you need help selecting tactics to attract your ideal audience, let us know. We’re here to help you support your business through customized social media strategies.